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Mariadb integration with new relic



We have mariadb version in our servers. Please help us on integration of new relic with mariadb (10.1.25-MariaDB).It will be very helpful for us if we get the detail steps on this.



Hi @rprajapati MariaDB is a fork from MySQL so the MySQL integration should work for you. You can find it here along with the requirements and installation instructions:

Keep in mind this requires an Infrastructure subscription. Our priorities have shifted away from Plugins and towards Infrastructure Integrations so this will be the best solution for you.


Thank you . The issue has been resolved.
One more question I have " When the new host is added . It is taking time in integration section to popup with metrics. Can you please have your insights on this ?


Hey @rprajapati - Can you share some more information on that? When you say it takes time, I’m assuming that the host does show up eventually, it may just take some time? If so, how long does it typically take for that to host to appear in the UI?


The host is showing in hosts tab but in integration part the mysql metrics are not displaying in dashboard for that server where as the metrics are fine for other instances.
I have checked everything and configurations all are set. Can you plz reply me wht may have gone wroing ?


@rprajapati - Could you please share a link to the dashboard, and list some of the metrics you’re hoping to see?