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Master node on kubernetes goes down or status turns to "unknown" or "false" alerts



Hi all ,

We have k8s clusters and NR is being installed on the clusters, i am curious to know if there is function which sends out an alert whenever master on a cluster goes to “unknown or false” state , i have checked few docs and found for pods being unknown but here i want for a master node.
If there are any docs on this please share

Thank youu


Hi @sgaddam - There is no status attribute associated with the K8sNodeSample event and so you will not be able to setup an alert condition specifically to monitor the status of the master node.

However, you could use the K8sPodSample event type to monitor the status of all pods for a given node using the NRQL below inside an NRQL based alert condition.

SELECT status, nodeName, podName FROM K8sPodSample WHERE nodeName = '[nodename]' AND status != 'Running' 

Alternatively, as the master node will also be reporting to you’re infrastructure account (as seen in the hosts page) you will be able to use the set of standard Infrastructure alert condition types for the master.

For example, if you’d like to monitor the master node going down you could use the Host Not Reporting alert condition type.



Thanks for the response, i will try that and let you know


Thanks @sgaddam - do you have an update on the results of your test with @woppermann’s help?


i am sorry i didnot get a chance to try it, i may take sometime . i will surely respond back.


Thank you @sgaddam :smiley: