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Matched New Relic Application and AWS Instance


Hi. Application Hosts returns only the host name, I need to know the real host id/guid/uuid. How can I find out which virtual machine my application is installed on? For example, New Relic Application ID -> AWS Instance ID.


Hey @apugin how’s it going?

This is currently under API, so I assume you’re querying one of our APIs to get host information. Are you listing hosts, like:

Meaning, you are explicitly querying against APM data via API?

Or, do you happen to be using our Infrastructure product as well? If you’re only using APM, then AWS metadata won’t be available. If you’re using Infrastructure, then those IDs will be available and you could use our Insights Query QPI:

…to pull the data, as long as it’s present in Insights.

Hope that helps, but let us know!


Thanks, Insight will help me