Max CPU and Memory Utilization metrics over the last 30 days


We are using NewRelic Agents on all of our AWS EC2 instances.

I am doing some performance analysis looking for underutilized instances that can be right-sized.
To get data I am using the Insights module and using the following query.

SELECT max(cpuPercent) FROM SystemSample WHERE ec2Tag_Name LIKE ‘MMWV_PROD_MMGSSA_prod_AutoScalingGroup’ SINCE 30 days ago

This returns a value of 2.68. The problem is that if I do a time series chart of just the last day using this query

SELECT average(memoryUsedBytes) FROM SystemSample TIMESERIES FACET hostname WHERE ec2Tag_Name LIKE ‘MMWV_PROD_MMGSSA_prod_AutoScalingGroup’
SINCE 1 day ago

I can clearly see that my max CPU is much higher. Using the first query (max function) and make it span 1 day instead of 30 days the query returns a value of 17.77.

Now naive me is questioning why the max over the last day is 17.77 but the max over the last 30 days is 2.68.

Now I was under the impression that using the max function would examine every minute of every hour between now and 30 days ago and return a single value representing the highest CPU utilization. Instead, it appears that it is aggregating data and presenting me with an average of some sorts.

Does anyone have a clue what is happening?

Hi, @michael.butsch: A couple of observations:

  • Your first query is selecting max(cpuPercent). Your second query is selecting average(memoryUsedBytes). I would expect those two queries to return different results. :slight_smile:

  • Rather than looking for underutilized instances manually, you might take a look at New Relic’s Cloud Optimizer application, which performs this analysis automatically.


It looks like you are experiencing this behavior:

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