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Maximum Call Stack Size exceeded for Angular application



Browser Question Template

We recently enabled Browser monitoring for a working, single page app via the copy-paste method. We made at attempt to deploy via New Relic APM agent, but didn’t have immediate success so fell back to the manual method. Once the script tag was visible in our index.html, we started to see recurrent RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceededfor XMLHttpRequests (screen shots below).

  • Share a direct permalink and a Public URL to the page the Browser agent is instrumenting:

Cannot share this information since it is an internal application

  • Share what method you used to deploy Browser (APM or copy/paste):


  • Which version are you using? (Lite, Pro or SPA):

Pro + SPA

  • Please share your question/describe your issue below. Consider including any/all of the following:

There is no HttpRequest we make that appears to consistently trigger the RangeError exception. The HttpRequests we’re making around the time the errors occur include to a localhost port (code is served locally via ng serve), to our prior metrics/log provider, to our SSO provider. but no routes return unsuccessful error codes.

  • Code snippets

The lines in index.html referenced in the console trace statement are inside of the tag with the copy/paste New Relic JavaScript code

  • Error messages

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded…at XMLHttpRequest.nrWrapper, at XMLHttpRequest.wrapFn

  • What are you seeing? How does this behavior differ than what were you expecting to see?

Error prevents app from loading any assets


Was able to resolve the issue by downgrading from zone@0.8.4 tozone@0.8.16, which is one of the versions recommend in this post.



I’m sorry I didn’t see your post in time to assist you, but thanks for letting us (and other customers) know what worked for you!