May 1, 2017 Post of the Week—Agents, Mobile and Synthetics

Time again for our favorite Monday tradition:

Post of the Week!

Huge thanks and much appreciation to our community members who helped out this week! Here are some fine examples of community support. Prepare to be inspired!

Thanks @jimm for this detailed Java update:

Thank you @TWight! Check out how he helps with an errors question:

@AdamBHelps out with a Synthetics question - thank you! :

Thanks to @grok for following up with a partnership solution:

and @plaporte has an awesome mobile update for us all:

As always, huge shoutout to our community hero, @stefan_garnham!

Hope you didn’t miss out on how to #DataLikeABoss! Check out two exclusive interviews with our CEO and Founder Lew Cirne:

and Sr. VP of New Relic engineering Mikey Butler:

Thanks again for coming round to check out what incredible things are happening in our Online Technical Community! See you next time!

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