May I ask if there's an option to monitor outgoing and incoming call (throughput) seprately?

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I’m wondering if we could separate outgoing and incoming calls in RPM.
I understand that the APM throughput has RPM that measure all transactions on the APM.
So does the RPM means it measures both outgoing and incoming calls on the APM? if yes can we separate them? we just want to monitor them separately.

Browser throughput PPM is the number of pages per minute your application serves. does this means it measure all incoming calls going to the Service?

Looking forward for your response.

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Hi, @AValerio1: Browser throughput is the number of page loads reported by the JavaScript agent running in users’ browsers. It has no direct relationship to app server activity. For example, a user may have an ad blocker installed that prevents the browser agent from downloading; their page views would not be reported in Browser, but they would still execute transactions on the server.

For web applications, a transaction typically includes both the request and the response; I cannot think of any way to separate them, other than creating custom events for request and response.

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Hi @philweber Thank you for your response. will explore more on custom events and will get back to you.

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Please keep us posted @AValerio1!