Mechanism that turns off alerts at night and reconnects in the morning

Do I need help to find out if there are any mechanisms that turn off alerts at night and turn on again in the morning?

Hi, @vcarlito: You may use the REST API to do this. You can write scripts that disable and enable the desired alert conditions, then use a cron job or scheduled task to run them at the desired times.

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Thanks a lot for the help.

@vcarlito the new, preferred way to do this is with “Muting Rules”
you may read about them here:
In the current release, you must enable and disable the muting rule every time it runs (which would be the same case with actually disabling the alert condition).
However, in the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing the ability to schedule it to start and run 1 time, and then in a month or so after that, we will release our recurring scheduling ability that will allow you to specify that it runs every day at a certain time, or once every week, etc.


Is there any update of this feature that we can only set the muting rule one time and it is recurring? This will be very helpful for us. Thank you

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Hi Jomar,
We do not have a precise time to share yet, other than to say it is imminent.
We are about to release the UI updates for New Relic One Streaming Alerts for NRQL Conditions. You may read about that here:

This clears the path for us to finish up the Muting Rules Recurring Scheduling. I will update this post when it is launched, and also watch the “What’s New” section in New Relic One , under your user account pull down menu.


Thank you for the updates @bgoleno.