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Meet the People of the Community


Get to know Us :couple::couple::couple:

Community Team

Holly - Director

“My job here is to oversee our Community efforts, so I work with all our New Relic teams to ensure that community is built into everything we do. And, I work with you to make sure this community gets you everything you need to succeed with New Relic. Reach out to me with any ideas for the community, or if you want to talk about cats, knitting, or your favorite workout. I’ve tried them all!” :lifter:

Lindsay - Trusty Moderator

“You may see me around the community from time to time :wink: My job is to make sure questions get answered, content is correct, and things are easy to find. You can mention me (@linds) anywhere in this community if you need any help at all with the community platform, or need someone to bounce an idea off of. OR feel free to reach out if you have a picture of your pet you need me to see (usually necessary :dog:), or if you have a book recommendation to share”! :nerd:

Elizabeth - Comms Queen

“My job is to make sure you know about all of the awesome stuff that is going on in the community. Whether it’s a fantastic new feature or an opportunity to earn some awesome new relic swag you should be on the lookout for emails from me :envelope_with_arrow:. I’m here if you have questions about anything that’s happening in the community, or if you want to trade gardening recommendations or tips on how to get a toddler :baby: to take a longer naps (spoiler alert: I’ve got no clue about that last one).”

New Relic Product Experts

Steve - Browser Expert

Just reach out to @sschneider if you have a burning Browser question. Steve not only creates content for the community to learn from, but he also never leaves a customer question hangin’. Fun fact about Steve: He once built a piece of art from AOL discs :joy: (imagine all the free hours of internet wasted)

Dan - On-boarding Expert

New to New Relic? Dan’s on-boarding content is where you will want to start. @dstadler has spent tons of time making sure that everyone who is new to the community gets up to speed as quickly as possible. If you feel like you have a newbie question, feel free to ping him! Fun story about Dan: His very first paid programming gig, he wrote an MS Access database app for his uncle’s detective agency in New York City. Those agents tracked down counterfeit merchandise rings in and around New York, and they needed a better case tracking system than the old one they had been using. :spy: As part of the job, he spent two weeks at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics; his agency was brought in to help track down merchandise sellers and manufacturers that used the Olympic logos without being licensed to by the Olympics. Take-home lesson: programming can take you places you never expected to go!

Sean - Infrastructure Expert

Let @Fidelicatessen know if you need some guidance on New Relic Infrastructure. Sean’s Level Up content and speedy and thorough responses are here for you! Fun fact about Sean: He did his first programming in middle school in the early 80’s using BASIC. Back when 5.25" floppy drives were an upgrade from cassette storage! :floppy_disk:

Caitlin - Alerts Expert

@cwhite not only has the cutest avatar photos, she is a dynamite Alerts troubleshooter and expert! She simply won’t sleep until she has dug in and found a solution with you! :wink: Cool thing about Caitlin: she learned the basic of programming back in college on C++. It taught her a lot about being thorough (which is her trademark work style), as her most memorable moment was spending over 45 minutes with a tutor trying to figure out why her program wasn’t working, only to realize she had left out a semi-colon. Ugh.

Jacob - .NET and PHP Agent Expert

@beastman is here to help you with any .NET or PHP Agent questions you have! Let him know when you need a second pair of eyes, or some troubleshooting help! Fun factoid about Jacob: he created a webpage about PC games before he even had a computer that could play them. :nerd: The nerd is strong with this one… and we love that!

Community Heroes & Experts

Mark - :star: :star: :star:

Mark is a New Relic Support Alum and specializes in quite a few products ranging from Node, Python, Ruby, PHP, Infra, Servers, Alerts, Synthetics, the API and SSO (I’m tired after writing that!) Mention @Splintor when you have questions you need his input on!

Mark can also sing ‘How much is that doggy in the window’… backwards… no, no video proof will be provided…yet. I can always put up a poll so we can vote. :dog:

Manas - :star: :star: :star:

Manas is a New Relic Insights, Synthetics and APM aficionado and you can feel free to loop him in @MKhanna if you need NRQL advice, help writing a Synthetics script, or want to bounce an idea off him when it comes to best practices.

Manas is not only into New Relic solutions, he is also into photography (insta: @ mkhannaphotography) and loves gaming (which is totally a fun fact that resonates here).

Welcome New Explorers! | April 30, 2018