Memcached integration reporting 'localhost', not actual hostname

  • Memcached dashboard
  • Platform: Ubuntu 18.04
  • newrelic-infra 1.11.42
  • nri-memcached 2.1.1-1
  • PRO subscription

I have the Memcached integration installed on two hosts, each with an on-board memcached server.

When looking at the Memcached integration dashboard, the only hostname listed is localhost:11211 (the hostname and port that the integration is connecting to).

I would expect to see the Infrastructure hostnames listed, as with the MySQL integration, rather than this completely useless localhost.

We recently had trouble with the memcached integration not reporting. I can’t tell if both hosts are reporting but the data is collapsed, or if only one is reporting (but which one?).

This seems like a bug in nri-memcached.

Hi @deyk,

The Memcached integration uses the hostname setup in your configuration file to report his metrics.
So my suggestion would be replacing the hostname in your memcached-config.yml to the dns name of the host you are collecting metrics from, even if it represent the same “localhost”.

We don’t use the hostname from the infrastructure agent as 1 singe memcached integration could be collecting metrics from different remote memcached instances.

Hope this helps,


That makes sense. Thanks for your quick response.

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