Memory and Processor count information

I want to show total number of core count and processor count on my dashboard with the all hostnames. It is showing me the used core and processor counts like value 1

not the total number of which is different value like 14.

This is query I am using for that.

SELECT percentile(memoryUsedBytes,50 ) as ‘Max Memory Used’, max(memoryFreeBytes) as ‘Memory Availible’, max(memoryTotalBytes) as ‘Total Memory’,uniqueCount(processorCount), uniqueCount(coreCount ) FROM SystemSample facet hostname LIMIT 100
Please suggest.

Hi @muhammadx.suleman,

Using count instead of unique count might be what you’re looking for: count(processorCount), count(coreCount)

Use the count() function to return a count of events. It takes a single argument, either *, an attribute, or a constant value. Currently, it follows typical SQL behavior and counts all the events which have values for its argument.

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