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Messaging Category not displayed in APM dashboard


.NET Agent Question Template

I’ve just configured my newrelic dotnet agent to monitor my microservices and I can see the web transaction data in the APM dashboard. My microservice is on dotnet core 2.2 and is using .net agent

  • Are you using .NET framework or .NET Core? .Net Core

  • Please let us know which operating system you have questions about: Alpine runtime docker container

Seeing errors?


the microservice interact with RabbitMq to process the various message. But in the category of the transaction, I don’t see messaging category even though it was written in this article that -
RabbitMq messaging is automatically instrumented. I’m using rabbitmq version 3.7


Hi @govindakrishnan.kann

So RabbitMQ is a supported but only on a basic level, It would be advised that you use Custom Instrumentation to pull out the transactions / Metrics for review.

Specifically IBasicConsumer , the EventingBasicConsumer are the only implementations that can be picked up by the New Relic .Net Agent.

This document will show you what I mean.

I hope this helps,