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Metric graphs with wildcards



Going through the Insights interface, I’m able to dig into metrics through the data explorer. I’ve started to push custom metrics because some of the metrics that I’m looking for aren’t captured by default. Is there a way in through the interface or otherwise to create a graph using wildcards in the metric namespace? Let’s say I’m reporting the number of live and dead rows in a postgres database, but reporting by table:


Is there a way that I can construct a graph against Custom/Postgres/tables/*/live_rows? I’m not looking for any kind of aggregation (yet). There are quite a few tables in the database and it’d be nice to be able to have all in one graph as opposed to having to create a whole bunch of graphs.


Hi @dbrecht - there are several posts relating to this feature request which has been raised.

Alerting on custom metrics - wildcard support?

Thanks @stefan_garnham. I was actually looking to create graphs with full namespace key wildcards, not partials. I’d caught the first link but didn’t see the next two. The last one led me to the answer: After creating a widget in the data explorer, click the part of the metric that you want to wildcard.

Thanks for pointing those out! Now if there were only NRQL-type aggregation functions available for these graphs… :wink: