MFA for New Relic Accounts

Hi, We would like to enable and enforce our users to use MFA for their New Relic accounts. Can you please advise us on how to do this?

Hi @amerrill welcome to the forum.

To enforce MFA for your users, you can set up SSO based on your company’s policy. We have ours set so that it is simple when on the corporate network and MFA when not on the corporate network.

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Thank you Stefan! Do you happen to have a guide or KB article on this?

Hi, @amerrill: You may find this document helpful: Authentication domain settings: SAML SSO, SCIM, and more | New Relic Documentation.


Haha, I posted a link to the same area as @philweber but they are not as easily identifiable as they were with the forum changes.


Thanks for reaching out, and happy Friday to you.

I see @philweber and @stefan_garnham were able to provide help here! Please do reach out and let us know if this was successful for you. Or should you have any questions, please do reach out!