Migrating our settings from the antique APM server pricing to New Relic ONE

[Redacted by New Relic]

We want to change from our host based princing to the current New Relic One.
Surprisingly we haven’t received any support or guarantee that in a new account we could migrate our current alerts and customized configurations to the new account.

We have been only suggested to do that: opening a new account. Our settings are complex enough trying not rebuild them from scratch again.

Please confirm to us if no migration support is offered form new relic in anyway.

@pcasfer Welcome to the community :slight_smile: I went ahead and reached out to our account team so that they can provide more information around your specific configurations. They should be in contact soon.

I also removed the image you provided to protect your privacy.

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I am surprised that paying a 270$ license monthly for years we are not able to get help for such an internal migration.

We are currently evaluating all options, including leaving new relic.

Hi @pcasfer, just to clear things up so theres no confusion, my colleague has reached out to our accounts team to assist you with your questions about migrating your settings to a new account as they are the best ones suited to handle issues like this. You’re in good hands and they will support you in any way they can.

Ok, no confusion. I initially talked to an account manager a month ago. He proposed just that, open a new account and start form zero.

Now 6 days have past since my post. How much may I wait for assistance? No help has arrived to me yet.

Hello again.
10 days have already passed and no one has contacted me yet.

Actually I don’t understand why we even need to create a new account at all.

Shouldn’t we be able to just keep using NewRelic (select a new plan if there’s anything to select), and start being billed according to the new plan when the old one expires, and lose access to any features that the new plan doesn’t include, if any?

Quite ironic to be receiving this email now:



Hey there @pcasfer and @matteosisti -

I apologize that you are not getting prompt responses to your inquiries. This forum is staffed by our technical support teams, and we don’t have the knowledge or authority to speak to pricing issues - hence trying to connect you with your account teams. I definitely understand that as a customer it should not matter, you should get the help you need.

Please let me know if you have not been connected with someone who can talk through pricing plans etc. and I’ll keep working to make that happen.

5 days later we are at the very same point.

It looks like your comercial staff worries about the upgrades but is though not very concerned on the maintenance of the current licenses.