Migration of domain

Hi Team,

I need support on Migration, can anyone from support team help me with this entire process of Migration.


Hello @ranjith.kumar. Welcome to the Explorers Hub.

Would you kindly explain what you are wanting to migrate? Please let us know more about your environment and your goal, we will be happy to help get you there!

We would be needing to migrate our New relic instances along with existing users and data from “Slintel domain – slintel.com” to “6sense domain – 6sense.com”.

Can you guide me through this process.

Hi @ranjith.kumar

In order to mass update user email domains on New Relic’s side, you’ll have a few options:

  1. Normally, updating a user email is a user preference setting which can be managed by each individual user. But when SSO is enabled, users cannot update their emails themselves. You could temporarily disable SSO and instruct all users to log in with their standard email/password credentials and nav to their User Preferences pane, at which point they can update their emails accordingly. Once all users have updated their emails, SSO can be re-enabled. Doc here: Change your email address
  2. If user assets (such as dashboards, API keys, alerts, favorites, etc) do not need to be retained, an easy option could also be to remove existing users and add new users with their new emails. You can use the Bulk user actions tool to do this. Of course, this option is usually not ideal, since user assets won’t be retained.
  3. If the users to be updated is a small enough number, we in support can make this change from our backend. Depending on exactly how many users need to be updated, we may need time to make this change. Ideally, that means coordinating a time when it’s okay to make this change. Users will be updated one by one at a time you specify and we can let you know when it’s complete.
  4. If you do need NR to make these changes for you but the number of users to be updated is large (exceeds aprox 100 users), we can coordinate with our engineering team to build out a script to automate these changes at a time you specify. The only caveat with this option, is we’ll have to coordinate a time that works best for you and the engineering team.

If option 3 or 4 seems best, we would need to create a case and have you confirm the below details via email.

  • Please provide a CSV of the users to be updated. This CSV will need two values for each user: current email and proposed new email.
  • Please specify a time when it would be okay to begin this change; please also include your timezone.

I certainly hope this information helps, but I’ll stay tuned for any follow up questions you might have or how you would like to proceed.

Hi Dcody,

Thanks for your reply, really appreciate for your suggestions. I have a few query please help me with the below:-

  1. We have a very minimal users approx 20-25 folks, hope we can send the same user preference to our folks and change their email accounts. post email updates will enable SSO, please send a guide to enable SSO.
  2. We need to secure assets (such as dashboards, API keys, alerts, favorites, etc) the same should be migrated to their new email accounts. Hope the same will be migrated to their proposed email account


I have gone ahead and created a case on your behalf with the accounts team, please note they will reach out via email soon.

Should you have any additional questions or updates please do reach out.