Millisecond timestamps missing from GraphQL query response

I recently started using Graphql to collect newrelic data using APIs.

In graphql, i am not able to find any option to get beginTime and endTime of each timeseries unit in milliseconds.

Current format:
“beginTimeSeconds”: 1663930865,
“endTimeSeconds”: 1663930925,

My receiver endpoint is compatible with timestamps given in milliseconds. Is it possible to get the timestamps in millisecond format using any parameter in request.

e.g. beginTimeInMillis: 1663930865000

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @thaparashmita1

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

So currently to my understanding currently New Relic supports epoch time.

A good definition of epoch time can be seen

If you have written the receiver endpoint it may be faster to update it to epoch time.

Alternative I can submit a feature request for a millisecond timestamp.