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Minion won't be able to run: failed to fetch config for key while setting up CPM in synthetic monitoring



I am trying to setup a private contanirized minion for internal application synthtic monitoring and when I run the docker command that I get in private location that I get in my dashboard then I am getting following error.
Minion won’t be able to run: failed to fetch config for key from ‘’ ! javastException: System error
! at Method)
! at$2.lookupAllHostAddr(

I checked curl -X GET and got response so I think it’s not a firewall problem.
Hello from synthetics-horde


Hi @dasra.khadka,

Thanks for writing in!

Based on what you’ve provided so far, I’d like to get a look at the debug logs for this minion to get a better idea of what might be happening.

To speed this along, I’ve gone ahead and created a ticket for this. I’ll be reaching out to you shortly via our ticketing system.


Thank you, I was able to resolve this issue. I have to mount internal certificates while running the docker and merge a keytool to validate and add those certificates inside the docker container so that it find the certificate.
Another option as suggested by support was to create a dockerfile with base image of minion and mount and validate the internal security certificate.
If you are working in a secured internal envirionment where they use ssl certifcates to secure the envirionment then you might have to do this.

Hope this will help other persons who might face simialr situations.


Thanks so much for confirming your resolution here :smiley: