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Minions are active even when they are disabled. Help me understand the data




In the above link, you can see that, only private minions are enabled/ scheduled to run.


But, if you can navigate to overview results/ failures page pasted above. You can see that the monitor is running from Singapore public locations as well.

Help me correct this issue. Because there are multiple monitors facing the same issue.



Hey @Anusri.AchuthaVarier -

I see the location singapore reporting for that Monitor, but when looking at the monitor settings, it seems that your account has a Private Minion called singapore which is the location that monitor is running from.

It looks like you are getting successful results from that monitor in Singapore too, which conflicts with that being a public minion, as I can see your monitor is targeting a not publicly accessible endpoint.

When it comes to public locations, the Singapore location would be listed as Singapore, SG - rather than the singapore that is reporting currently. :slight_smile:


Hi Ryan,

I want to know why is it trying to access Singapore in that case?



Hi @Anusri.AchuthaVarier

If you check out the monitor settings page here:

You’ll see the locations like below - where no public locations are selected. You can see here that Singapore, SG is not selected. That is the Singapore public location.

Over on the right hand side (obfuscated and in the orange box I included) is a full list of your available Private Minions. You have 2 over there with Singapore in the title.

The reason monitors are running from Singapore is because one of those selected minions is the Singapore one.

You should be able to de-select this and re-save the monitor to stop that monitor reporting from that location.


Hi @RyanVeitch,

Thanks for the inputs. If you see the below image you can see that Singapore wasn’t selected anywhere.

Still the results are showing even for singapore.

(Obfuscated by NR Admins to hide potentially sensitive data)

Can I get some light why is it different in your monitors and why is it different in our monitors?



That’s odd - I think that is most likely related to Synthetics permissions. It’s possible that you are not in a permissions group that has access to view the Singapore location that I see. (As there is an additional one that is not listed in your screenshot)

Could you reach out to your account admins to look into your permissions in Synthetics?


Appreciate your response. It was the issue with my permissions.

Thank you