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Missing view servers


Hi, guys when i log into platform i can’t see Servers i chek my servers new relic service is installed and running.I have a free plan to monitoring servers.


Hi @tech8 - You may want to review the post below.


I have trial of Infrastructure and today NewRelic servers are gone from online platform. If I understood well then when i have PAID product of NewRelic then Servers will still work until 15th May 2018. I need NewRelic servers because few servers still run debian 6 and infrastructure dont works with it and don’t works with 32bit linux systems!!! Really bad solution! :-/ I am now thinking about switching to another solution. I used NewRelic for several years and advice everyone to use it. Now its looks like crap. Our infrastructure is now without monitoring system and FIX for NewRelic infractructure is really expensive solution. Why I don see NewRelic Servers?!