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Mixing accounts



Through the web hosting provider, I have access to APM Pro, Infrastructure Pro, insights, etc
It is required to use these. And because it is a sub account, it is not possible to upgrade Browser lite to Browser Pro - it would require the provider to upgrade it for all 14 million a day requests. No idea why this is.

I ALSO have a group/multidomain license for Browser Pro in another account.

So the question is - can I use cross application tracing to link Browser Pro in one account to APM Pro in the other? It seems I would have to disable the automatic newrelic script generation so that I can change the bottom javascript to include BOTH the transition id generated in the APP and the browser pro account key information.

It seems like cross app tracing would be a perfect fit here?


Hi, @gary.mort: Unfortunately, you can’t. :slightly_frowning_face: Cross-application tracing only works within a single account, and distributed tracing only works across accounts under a single master account.


Thanks… I’ll have to keep pushing Adobe/Magento to help get this setup… Really annoying, the client is willing to pay for Browser Pro, but our New Relic rep can’t add it to the sub-account for some reason. Their not willing to pay for Browser Pro + APM Pro + Insights Pro + Infrastructure so even if Adobe would let us change the keys for all of those - we still can’t do that.


Let us know what you come up with in talking to Magento & Adobe.

At least on the subscription side, all sub-accounts inherit from a parent account, so the only option there would be to move out into a sole account with it’s own browser pro subscription.


I suppose it partly depends on what kind of deal they can get with you guys - if I can convince them to followup. I think they were running 14 million page views a month so that was a sticking point.

Or if I can get them to let us use an independent account - then it would come down to what deal we can make for equal service + BrowserPro… BrowserPro along I can sell, the complete package even with a large discount probably not. Especially when they get it for free.

Who knows… after months of pushing in 2018, Adobe did add on Infrastructure in early 2019. No idea if my pushing did anything there - but I did manage to solve 3 problems in days which I had been working on for months and no luck.


Understood! Well I hope those conversations go well :crossed_fingers: - if there’s anything we can help with, feel free to let us know.