Mobile App Notification

The mobile App doesn’t get alert notifications. Under user preferences i don’t see any device, but on my mobile app, after login i can see my own phone, yet i cannot send any alert to myself.

Hi, @alessandro.grena: If you add your User as a notification channel to your alert policy, you should receive notifications through the New Relic mobile app.

I’ve the device in the mobile app, but not on the website. so i cannot add it as push notification :frowning:

You don’t add the device as a channel, you add yourself:

I don’t have that option in the dropdown… i can add webhocks, emails, etc. but not a user…

Hi, @alessandro.grena: I am sorry, I did not know that there has been a change in the behavior of User notifications. More information here:

Hi all, if you are still interested in push notifications for v2 users, using workflows, we are in a pre-release for iOS users for this feature. Feel free to email us at mobileappsupport at, and we can add you to the pre-release!