Mobile application not registering

I used to receive New Relic push notifications on my mobile however they’ve suddenly stopped. I read the following in the documentation:

“In order to receive mobile push notifications, your device must be registered and listed in (account) > User preferences . If the device is not listed in User preferences , log out of the app, log back in, and check again to see if it is listed.”

I’ve logged out and back in and even reinstalled the mobile app but my device never shows in ‘user preferences’. What else can I do?

Hi, @rickhumphries: You may find this post helpful:

Thank you for this. I’ve had an account from before 2020 so I can only presume my account has been transferred to the New Relic One user model at some point. I have set up the workaround via Slack for now until the issue is resolved with the app.


Thanks for letting us know @rickhumphries! Feel free to share the workaround if you like! We’d be very interested to see it!