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Modify account session timeout




we havea structure of a master account and subaccounts. In the master account we have set the session timeout limit to 30 min. Now this is not convenient for all subaccounts. Is it possible to set subaccount specific timeouts? Or would it be possible to ‘unset’ the timeout in the master account and set the timeout in every subaccount?

Kind regards


Hi there!

New Relic’s session configuration feature allows you to set limits on idle time before your users’ browser sessions automatically expire. You are correct that currently, sub-accounts can only inherit this session configuration from their master account. I will go ahead and mark this post as a feature-idea so that our community moderators can help gather input and get this request in front of the proper teams for consideration on future releases. We appreciate your time providing details about your use-case and helping improve our products!

P.S. If you have any other questions about setting session timeouts, these docs provide a great reference:



thanks for the fast and detailled response. This answers my questions.

Kind regards