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Mongod on host integration question



New Relic Infrastructure Question Template

  • Please provide a Permalink so we can see the exact time and place you are:

  • Which version of Windows or which distribution of Linux are you using?
    Redhat 7.5, mongodb-org-3.2.6-1.el7.x86_64 running replica set

  • What is your Infrastructure Subscription level? Essentials or PRO?

  • Describe what you are seeing. How does this differ from what you expected to see?
    Im seeing Database Sizes, Indexes, Collections which is fine but no metrics?
    Basically why is this:
    If you are monitoring a mongod instance, only the MongoDatabaseSample and MongoCollectionSample event types will populate. The other event types will populate only if a mongos instance is being monitored.
    I wish I would see something of Insert/Update/Delete rates nr. connections and such metrics… Metrics that show whats going on :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the documentation link on the mongo dashboard (see permalink) links to kafka documentation for some reason…


Hi @carl_boberg,

That behaviour was true as the mongo integration would need a mongos instance to collect some of the metrics.
This has changed however and you can now collect all metrics from a mongod daemon only.
You just need to update the integration to the latest version (v1.1.0)

Have a look at our documentation as we have changed the paragraph you were mentioning:

The MongoDB integration can be configured to monitor either a full MongoDB cluster or a standalone MongoDB instance. To monitor a cluster, the host and port arguments should point to one of the mongos instances in your cluster.

If you want to instead monitor a standalone instance, host and port should point to the mongod running the database.

For you reference, the metrics we collect are outlined here:

Let us know how it goes