Monitor application APIs on every request individually

Hi Team,

We want to monitor every single click on individuals pages through WEB on our application. Our newrelic agent pulled data from application PODs (Kubernetes archetecture) but there isn’t any way to segregate requests.

We have executes some queries but request.headers.referer is same for every multiple requests coming to single page of application.

We want to monitor our page upload time for every single click on application pages.

Please help us to find a solution for such request.

Have your tried Pixie based solution ??

I feel this should help.

Hi Avneesh,

We don’t see any option to capture data from pixie and create some metrics for alert notification. It seems it is only for monitor current data pixie dashboard.

@ankit.tyagi1 oh ok, Have you instrumented your application with Browser-Based Monitoring in this case ??

No @Avneesh.Jain,

can you please help us to setup something for browser based monitoring, if it help us in our motive.

Hey there @ankit.tyagi1,

I have some documentation involving how to Install the browser monitoring agent and get it configured. Please let me know if this was helpful or if you need further assistance getting this setup.