Monitor Azure Queue DeadLetter

Is there a way to monitor Azure Queue deadletter count? I would like to send a alert when DeadLetter count > 0.

Hi @cberlin: Possibly the easiest would be to use a Synthetic API script to call the Queue REST API, check the queue for messages and use an assert to fail the script if the DeadLetter count > 0.

I have posted a template for calling an API using authentication which could be used as a starting point.

Hi, I know this is late, but I did a plugin last year for this. To send alert, you need to configure your new-relic account with the proper queries (I did it in my previous company).

Here’s my plugin. It might need to be updated since I don’t have an account for Azure + NewRelic. The plugin work as a windows service or as an executable. So it’s quite easy to get around. I might try to update it to dotnet core 2 in order to be able to run it into Linux + Container.