Monitor HashiCorp Vault with New Relic

I’m trying to come up with a solution to monitor a HashiCorp Vault and Consul cluster. I see that there is a New Relic integration for Consul that can be used to report Consul’s metrics into New Relic. But I don’t see anything for Vault.

What I am looking for is a way of getting all the runtime metrics from Vault into New Relic (which is essentially what the Consul integration does). After some research it looks like my best option is to use New Relic Flex to build my own integration.

So, my question is, before I start creating my own integration, are there any other OOTB New Relic products that I can use to accomplish what I described above, or is building my own integration the best route?

@alex.plaza.gonzalez Thanks for this question. Curious to see what insights you get from the community. I did also reach out to your account rep so they are aware of your request.