Monitor Jenkins with the OTel Plugin & Jenkins quickstart

Now, you can monitor your Jenkins data with New Relic using the Jenkins OpenTelemetry plugin, making it easier to get observability into your CI/CD pipeline health and performance.
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Install the Jenkins quickstart dashboard for a pre-built view of your key pipeline metrics. For example, you can see a summary of the number of Jenkins instances available, the number of successful jobs, the top errors, and the job queue status


Sending your Jenkins pipeline data to New Relic provides visibility into the building and deployment phases of the DevOps lifecycle, giving you more insights into your DevOps practices and helping you “shift left” in the life cycle.

With the Jenkins integration and quickstart, you can easily:

  • Understand the health of your Jenkins pipelines at a glance, with a pre-built dashboard showing key metrics about your builds, agents, queues, jobs, and more.
  • See exactly where pipelines start failing with distributed traces, allowing you to create appropriate alerts
  • View Jenkins console logs in context of your pipeline build steps

Send Jenkins data to New Relic with the Jenkins OTel plugin and visualize all your pipeline build steps in APM.

See your job and pipeline executions as distributed traces.

If you’ve set the environment variable to OTEL_LOGS_EXPORTER="otlp", you can see your Jenkins console logs in the Logs tab of the APM view.


  • If you don’t have Jenkins yet, you need to install it.
  • Alternatively, you can use Docker to get spin up an instance of Jenkins

Get started


To start monitoring Jenkins in New Relic:

  • Watch the video above for a demo walkthrough
  • Read the blog and documentation for set up instructions
  • Install the quickstart to get the out-of-the-box Jenkins monitoring dashboard
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