Monitor Multiple APIs using a Single Generalized Synthetic API Test

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Currently, we have onboarded individual API Test scripts/Alert Conditions for each API. Since we have 50+ APIs we don’t want to use individual API Tests Scripts/monitors for each API.
Do you guys have any available option to monitor all our 50+ APIs using a Single Alert Condition with a Single generalized API Tests. Also, most of our API were Oauth protected, Hence we need to pass credentials for each API.
Do you have any feature available that would match our requirement !

Thanks in Advance.

Hi, @RanghajothiPrakash.G: You can write a single script that tests all 50+ endpoints, as long as it can complete within 3 minutes (the maximum time permitted for a scripted monitor). If it fails, however, you will have no way to know which endpoint failed. You may be able to add some custom attributes to indicate the status of each endpoint.

Also, to be clear, you do not have to have a separate alert policy for each monitor. You can have multiple scripted monitors belong to a single alert policy.


I posted a sample template for an API synthetic using OAuth which you can amend for your purposes.

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Thank You Phil. Ultimately, All our 50+ APIs cannot be monitored with in a span of 3 minutes. Few APIs may consume longer duration to fetch a response.

Hope. Newrelic can consider adding any features to meet this kind of requirement.

Thanks Again for the info.

@RanghajothiPrakash.G - You can use the containerised synthetics minion for monitors up to 15 minutes, which may help to over all of your API endpoints.

See the MINION_CHECK_TIMEOUT variable here:

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