Monitor Squid URL Whitelist

Hello, we have a Squid as a container in a Linux host.
The Linux host is being monitoring by New Relic. It has the agent installed already.
We would like to monitor the Squid whitelist of URLs that it’s connecting all the time to see if there is a problem with the connectivity. And we would like to use New Relic to create (maybe) a dashboard with these URLs.
Any ideas?

Hi, @adominguez: I am not familiar with Squid. Are you saying that you have a list of URLs, and you want to monitor them to make sure they are responding to requests? If so, New Relic Synthetics would seem to be an ideal solution.

Thank you @philweber. Synthetics can be our plan B for now.
Squid connect to another web servers outside our organization using a whitelist. So, the monitoring would be between our Squid servers and those different web sites, to see if a connection drop.
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We don’t have any native integration for a Squid Proxy server, but you could easily build your own using our lightweight Flex integration.

Synthetics probably wouldn’t be the best option as it would only monitor the requests made by our servers through yours rather than all the requests.

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

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