Monitoring an audio stream for digital radio

I’ve found numerous blogs about monitoring audio and video performance (case-in-point: search for Using New Relic to Monitor Your Website’s Video and Audio Performance)

But when it comes to configuring such monitoring, there is little documentation for helping us set some up.

We manage the website for multiple radio stations and we’d love to get some metrics around the performance of our audio and video streams.

  • Buffering time (you can see this being measured in the images in the blog above)
  • Time until first audio is heard
  • Latency
  • Drop-outs

We use .aac and .m3u8 to stream our radio programs to our customers.

Is anyone out there doing anything like this? How would/did you configure it?

@solsen Welcome to the community and glad to see your first post! Hoping you’ll receive some responses from fellow members but I have also brought your questions to the attention of our support team. They should be able to assist you soon. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Joi (@joiconverse)

Hi there @solsen -

You are right - we do not have a lot available specific to video or audio monitoring, even on this site. There is this in our documentation:

Which talks about monitoring the customer experience at a high level, but doe not give you step by step instructions.

I would love to know what you may have discovered so far - let’s get more media monitoring resources in the community! - but would also suggest that you may want to work with your account team to explore options here. I can help you connect if you need that. Just let me know.

Getting some assistance to connect would be super helpful. We get New Relic as part of our hosting with WordPress VIP. I’m hoping that getting some assistance with audio and video stream monitoring is not out of scope for our account.

I imagine that getting some specifics around how to set up this kind of monitoring would be extremely valuable to the New Relic community. :slight_smile:

We have created integrations with players for web, mobile, and Roku. We have started to make them available via open source. See here for more information:

Which player is used on the website(s)?