Monitoring availability of various systems

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I’m attempting to use an Insights dashboard and widgets to monitor whether various internal systems are up or down. These systems can be servers, they can be applications or they can be processes. We use MSSQL stored procs and jobs to gather information from various sources and write to a central system table. One column has the system name, the other column the availabilty - online or offline. These are also written to txt/html files on a monitoring server of ours. So each system has its own txt/html file with one word in these files, online or offline. Using IIS on this server we have also setup websites for each system.

Using browser apps in New Relic I’ve managed to set up monitoring of these sites, however, after many hours I am unable to create the dashboard I need in insights. All I am looking for is a dashboard that has a widget for each system I am monitoring with a simple status of online or offline.

Is anyone able to assist me with this? Is this even possible in New Relic?


Hi @adam.bognar, not being a New Relic employee I can’t look at what you have currently implemented but …

One way to achieve this would be to use a simple monitor to access the url’s of the status page of your web sites. You can specify the text to check for on the page and the test will fail if it is not there. Then you can use the NRQL in this post to give a “live” status dashboard.

Hope that helps.

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