Monitoring cluster Hyper-V Windows

I need to monitor the disks of a hyper-v cluster, but I haven’t found anywhere that it is supported. I just found this link as experimental Is it replicable? Or do we already have something finished? Thank you for your attention as always!

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Hello @marco.codello, Thank you for creating this post as this will help resolve many other customer queries related to monitoring cluster Hyper-V windows.

New relic support :white_check_mark: Monitoring the disk of a Hyper-V windows cluster as well as network and memory too.

Here is the link where you can find how to configure your agent to get those metrics and set up an insightful dashboard to monitor information efficiently.

Storage performance

Look at this heading to specifically monitor your disk.

Hope you find this useful, happy to answer further questions related to the new relic observability and monitoring.

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