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Monitoring Custom Golang Application Metrics


I’ve seen posts on here about monitoring application metrics, by collecting data from Prometheus or StatsD. That’d be great but I understand those could be much bigger scopes.

I’m pondering whether it’d be possible for the Kubernetes agent to introduce something like a K8sApplicationMetricSample that was populated from Golang EXPVAR metrics.

metrics. The standard way of annotating pods that support prometheus metrics is something like:


I’m wondering if we could follow this model and introduce something like:


I’m open to any way to get custom application metrics out and would be happy to work on a PR to the agent if there’s a Github repo available to do this work?


Hi @brandon.cole,

This is certainly a great idea! I can log a feature request on this. If you have any additional information to convey, please let me know.

We do have a custom integration SDK that may work for you. This works in conjunction with the Infra agent:

Alternatively, we do have a Insert API that will let you send JSON data directly to Insights. More info here:

Our Kubernetes integration isn’t on our public github currently.