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Monitoring for Missing Process



I think I know the answer, but, is there an out of the box way to monitor for a process not running? My gut says this would have to be a custom infra integration, but I have to hope :slight_smile:


Hi, @tim.davis: Good news! :slight_smile:


But that only finds the processes that ARE running, right? I want to monitor for a process that is NOT running…


It can tell you if 0 instances of a process are running on the selected hosts.


Well, what do you know. If only I could do it for mutliple parameters and have it track each one individually and call the condition based on which process is at 0. :slight_smile:


How about a NRQL alert condition?

SELECT count(*) 
FROM ProcessSample 
WHERE hostname IN ('host1', 'host2', 'host3') 
  AND processDisplayName IN ('processName1', 'processName2', 'processName3') 
FACET processDisplayName


Actually, I don’t think a NRQL alert condition is necessary. When you create a Process Not Running alert condition in the UI, you can select multiple processes to monitor; the condition will violate if any of the selected processes is above or below the threshold.


I was going to do NewRelic-Infra, but, that is kind of self defeating.


Hey @tim.davis - Nice to see you again! I will confess that I am not sure if your last comment is a joke or serious (I am not up to speed on Infrastructure personally…) Are you all good or is there more to dig into?


So, NR Infra monitoring itself is a bit self defeating. But, Host Not responding is what I think covers it. In the monitoring world, there is the ‘question’…

Who is watching the watcher?

So, it was tongue in cheek. I was actually going to put the NR Infra agent to be monitored, but, monitoring itself was just me not thinking clearly.


Whew. Thanks Tim. I know explaining the joke really takes the fun out of it, but I appreciate it. :wink: