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Monitoring java processes separately by name


i have a few java programs running no one of my servers. in newrelic they all show up under “java”. it show 12 processes running but i need an actual breakdown of the processes to know how each one is doing. though of passing some params when starting the processes but couldn’t find anything that did the trick. any ideas? thanks


I use -Dnewrelic.config.app_name=MY_APPLICATION as a parameter to make MY_APPLICATION show up as an application in New Relic.


thanks will try it. are there more params like this? documented anywhere?


You can find the list of parameters here, where the relevant sections start with something like [quote]to override any of these options, use a newrelic.config prefixed system property[/quote] Some will use slightly different prefixes.


Just so, @Trevor_Dearham. Thank you for not only beating me to a response but for providing the solution I would also choose.

There are three basic ways to name a Java app:

Although, to provide a complete picture there is also automatic application naming, using multiple names for an application and you can rename the label in the UI. But let’s not complicate things, right?

For your specific use case, I think @Trevor_Dearham’s answer of using Java system properties on the command-line is a great solution.