Monitoring requests going through ARR (Application Request Routing) in IIS

We have IIS boxes that use ARR and some rules to route calls to some sites on the same box. These sites have applications that have their own NewRelic IDs and the newrelic integration there is working fine.

Problem is when, for some reason, an app pool is hanging. The app does not receive the request, so there is nothing in APM for it. But we know that the request had to go through ARR. So we would like to put monitoring on the ARR to look for hanging requests passing through the root site by ARR.

Could someone please point me to the documentation on how to monitor requests passing through ARR with NewRelic?


@sumanta.chakraborty Welcome to the community :slight_smile: Thank you for being patient with getting a response to your issue. In viewing your account I see you do have access to ticketing support so I’m going to open a ticket so that our team can take a closer look at this with you. Expect an email from them soon!