Monitoring transactions for a MuleSoft application

I have a MuleSoft ESB serving multiple REST APIs methods.
I want to analyse slow transactions using menu APM > Monitoring > Transactions
the list of transactions is as follows:

The first row /Connector/api/* GET regroups all APIs methods, I want a distinct row for every method, like for example /Connector/api/pointofsales and so on…
Grouping all api methods is plain stupid: the performance expectation depends on the API method, I want to know which API methods are slow.

Then if I choose “/Connector/api/* GET” the dashboard indicates 2 slow transactions (over 2 seconds), however I have generated a dozen of slow transaction manually and THEY NEVER APPEAR THERE !

How can i find a specific transaction based on the full path ??? I would like to list all transactions with a URL starting with /Connector/api/pointofsales that over 2 seconds.

How can I achieve that with new relic essential ?

Hi @newrest-list

Transactions like this are grouped to prevent metric grouping issues.

There are a couple options to achieve what you’re looking for. One would be to use Insights to query and facet based on the request.uri

Or if you’d like to keep the information in APM, and are confident that the breaking them out would not cause a metric grouping issue, you could use the setTransactionName() API call:

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