Moving SSO from AAD to Okta

We previously had Azure AD SSO working and we are moving to Okta. I have the new SSO setting configured and saved. When I click to test everything appears successful, I am redirect to Okta, My credentials are accepted and redirected back to NewRelic, but SSO never gets enabled on the NewRelic side. What am I missing. I have tried this process in an incognito window and seem to be in the same loop.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Some additional information, according to the test page should automatically return to the SAML SSO page with results but this is not happening.

After I login at Okta I get dumped back page where I am logged in but I can never get past the SSO test to fully enable SSO.

@chocker Thank you for providing the additional information. Given inherent privacy around this issue I’m going to ask our account team to troubleshoot this issue directly with you via a ticket. You should get an email from them soon.

Perfect, thanks for your help.