MS Failover Cluster Manager

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I was wondering if newrelic agent can monitor MS Failover Cluster Manager and alert if nodes in the cluster is down ?



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There appears to be two methods of getting the cluster node info. One of which requires that you are using SQL Server integration and the other uses New Relic FLEX.

SQL option (Ref: LINK)
You could use the custom_metrics_query configuration of the MS SQL integration for the infra agent in order to monitor this (or any other information that can be returned by a query on the DB server). See example here: Microsoft SQL Server monitoring integration | New Relic Documentation 21
This MS SQL query appears to give the information you are looking for, so adding to metrics would make it possible to alert on the “down” state: sys.dm_os_cluster_nodes (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

FLEX option
You could utilise New Relic Flex with a powershell command to query the Node status in your MS Failover Cluster.
A sample PS command would be something like:
Get-ClusterNode | select Cluster, Name, State, Id, NodeWeight, DynamicWeight

NR Flex comes as part of the NR Infra Agent by default. Here are a few docs to get you started with using Flex:
Flex YouTube
New Relic Flex
Flex tutorial
Flex GitHub
How To Use New Relic Flex blog

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thanks, for the answer i will try

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Please let us know if you were able to accomplish your goals using @jmcdaid suggestion. If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out either and we will be happy to help.