Mulesoft System API Monitoring

We are trying to monitor Mulesoft API’s which are of two types, one is Exp API, which are exposed and other are system API’s which are not exposed & are called by Exp API’s, which we require to monitor.

Our Options are :

To monitor in reverse order.
Since NewRelic cannot ping Mulesoft System APIs, need to check whether NewRelic can provide any API end points (one API for all Sys apis OR separate end point for each system api) which can be consumed in System APIs and ping those in regular intervals.
Based on the ping messages, Newrelic to monitor these logs and send alerts for any missing pings.

Need to check if Newrelic can include custom message received from Exp api response in the alert body, to help determine which system API is having issue.


Hello @mohd.salman.

Thank you for reaching out, I hope you are doing well.

While this is out of my scope, I am going to loop in one of our support engineers to answer your questions. I would like to provide you with a link to our docs for an Introduction to New Relic REST API (v2). I would take a look and see if this will help in your use case.

Please note our support engineers will respond here when available. Reach out if you find you have further questions and we will be more than happy to help!


I am able to implement Option 2, to add custom message and error message in alert body, using ‘Enriched Data’.

Need suggestions on Option1.


Hi @mohd.salman

It sounds like you’re looking for a solution that will allow you send data or pings out of a protected system (behind a firewall?) on a regular basis (maybe a cron job?) to a New Relic API to allow monitoring internal systems - is that correct?

If so, you might check out our Metric API and Event API - both of which provide public end points to accept data.

You can then actively monitor the data coming into your account and setup alerts based around your specific conditions.

I also wanted to share this cool blog post that goes into a bunch of different data-ingest options available through New Relic:

:open_book: 20 ways to send data to New Relic One

Let us know if that is a helpful approach, if not can you share a bit more about the limitations or exposure of your own APIs or the systems you’re monitoring?