Multiple account with same email problem

Hey guys… We are testing New Relic to monitoring our environment so we are using free tier for now. But someone configured a secondary account with same email, and I can’t figure out how to delete it. Every time I need access in a different browser I need to click to send me a verify email so I can access a link to choose the right account. Is there a way to get rid this second account? I did read about multiple accounts in help section, but I can’t find this account in account management. Can please someone help me?

Sounds like a little web of accounts you have here. I’ll DM you to share some further details on how to resolve this issue. :slight_smile:

@JoiConverse, I have this same problem please can a NR employee open a support ticket in my account so I can discuss this further.

@dogsbody I’m going to DM you to get more info before deciding how best to resolve your issue. :slight_smile:

Hello, I am having the same issue. Can you please let me know the steps?

@ama.manamperi Will DM you also to get more context. Thanks :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue. Can you please help me with the steps. My email is [redacted by New Relic]

@rapoplai I have reached out to our account team to help you with this issue. You should get an email soon :slight_smile: BTW - welcome to the community!