Multiple accounts issue

Somehow I ended up with multiple accounts on my email address. One is current and active while the other one is unused. I would like to delete the unused account.

Hey James.chiu :wave: Welcome to the community!

You should be able to easily delete the unused organization/account by following the steps as outlined in this article: How to delete your Organization. Since you do have two login options, you’ll want to first log in to the organization/account that you’re intending to delete and then follow those steps in that article.

Let us know if that helps resolve this for you!


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Hi Hunter,
When I log into the account I want to delete and go into Organization & access settings, I don’t have the button to delete my organization. I’m not sure if it’s the reason why, but when I go into the Accounts tab, I get “This organization doesn’t have any accounts.” On most of the screens of that account (e.g. dashboard, manage your plan, api keys, etc ), I get blank pages as well.

Hey James,

Thanks for letting me know that you’re not seeing this delete option. If that’s the case, it’s possible this may need to be deleted from our end. I’m going to go ahead and create a ticket for you. You should be receiving an email from us shortly with some next steps.