Multiple accounts linked to my email address

Hi there,

When I visit your login page, I always seem to log into one of our customers’ accounts. Ideally I want ALL accounts under our email address, to be available from a single log-in.

Is there any way that the account under our email address, can all be combined into one area after I have logged in? Right now, I have to follow a Verify email link, and only then I get to a page from where I can choose which account I want to log into… this is not ideal.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hey @chs1 :wave: Thank you for visiting the New Relic Community. I understand that you are looking to be able to login via one login e-mail. Please allow me to shed some light on the changes that we have recently made.

  • New Relic One user model: this newer, improved user model has these major differences from the original user model:
    • All your accounts and users are contained under a top-level organization. This gives an organization stronger control over managing users and what they can access. One impact of this is that users who work with multiple New Relic organizations may have an email address associated with multiple logins.
    • Users on this model have a different system for managing permissions and account access. Using access grants, you assign users access to specific roles on specific accounts.
  • Original user model: some aspects of this older model that are different from our newer model:
    • There wasn’t as much organization-level control over users. For example, a New Relic user had the ability to access multiple accounts they’d been granted access to using a single login.
    • Users on the original user model have a different user management system.

To learn more about benefits of the new model, see our blog post about user model changes and an explanation of the new account structure. For impacts and limitations, see Feature impacts.
(Source: Overview of changes to pricing and user model)

In short this means that each Organisation that adds your Email will be assigned its own ID and this means that you will see multiple logins as you are been created a profile for. When switching between Organisation will need to reverify you access when logging into other Organisations. Also there is users that will have a mix of the New Model and the Old at the moment.

Let us know if you have any questions on this!