Multiple .ini files

I too having the same problem. I am new to newrelic. I have tried removing the newrelic.ini file, but the problem still occurring … what can I do ?

Hi @1024GBofRAM - Do you have any other .ini files being found?

You can check this easily by creating a PHP Info file. Create a file called phpinfo.php (you can call it whatever you’d like) and put this line in that file:

 <?php phpinfo(); ?>

Now visit that file and look for a section called “Additional .ini files parsed” and let’s find out if you have any extras that might be causing this error.

Also, I did split your post out as the other thread was a few months old. I’d like to make sure we’re getting you some targeted help - if the above does not help you resolve this can you describe in detail what you are seeing? Please include any error messages you are receiving. Thank you!

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