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Multiple proxy entries?


Can there be multiple proxy entries in the newrelic-infra.yml file? Is there a priority to how the entries are read and used? Can i get some info on this?


Hi @mohan.ramkrishnamurt - No, there is no support for multiple proxy entries in the config files for the agents. Can you describe a use case where this would be required?


Hi @mohan.ramkrishnamurt, @stefan_garnham is correct, it’s not possible to declare multiple proxies though it would be interesting to hear your use-case :slight_smile:


Sure i can explain. We have a central proxy server which is reachable by many vlans and this contains multiple nic’s , one for each vlan.

We would like to push a standard config file containing all the IP’s of the proxy server , so we dont have to worry about adding individual ip’s for respective vlans.


Hi @mohan.ramkrishnamurt - while it’s not possible to declare multiple IPs for each proxy server inside the newrelic-infra.yml file you can specify a port for the proxy. For example, 1080 in this case:

proxy: https://proxy_user:access_10@proxy_01:1080

If you have multiple VLANs setup you would have assigned a set of ports for each VLAN. Knowing this you could rearrange your network topology so that each agent running on a host inside a particular VLAN could point to the central proxy according to the port defined in the config.

Hope this helps!