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Multiple value output


I want to get multiple value output in a pictograph form (non tabular).
For example i want to get x no:of orders in a single BAg_ID from a particular store. How can it be achieved ? Please help


Hey @Vishnu.Atma - I’m not sure I fully understand what you are looking for in terms of the data output and the source of that data.

Could you share any queries you have tried so far and I can take a look at what may be possible from that.


Hi @RyanVeitch

I want to find the uniqueCount (Items) per Bag in a single store.
I have 300+ stores so instead of inputting store count individually it should be giving data for all stores in a pie/hist/funnel or any chart. Could you please tell how the query can be run in NR ?


Without seeing the data in your account this is hard - in that it sounds like a lot of what you have is custom attributes, so knowing what’s available isn’t so easy.

You may be able to try a

SELECT uniqueCount(item) FROM myStoreEvent FACET storeLocation

From there you can build pie charts, histograms come a little differently, but there’s documentation on them here:

Funnels doesn’t necessarily sound applicable to your description - where funnels will show the number of X attribute that is true for multiple steps… for example, the number of sessions on 1 page, that then go to page 2 & 3 & 4 and so on…


Will have a check and return back. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Hey Vishnu - how has your investigation into this been going?