Mutation with multiple entries in single graphql request

I am trying to add tags to my application Hosts using the concept of taggingAddTagsToEntity under mutation.
It worked successfully with single entry. Since, I have to do this for multiple hosts/entries, I tried as shown in below image & I see that we can perform only one request at a time.

Please let me know if I am wrong with the syntax as it gives me below error while trying to update for multiple entries in single mutation request.


you can automate this using the APi call and update Multiple tags.

Thanks for that @Avneesh.Jain! let us know how that works out for you @nagendrakunduri!

Hello @nmcnamara,

I am able to automate my requirement using the API call but the problem is…it (mutation) accepts one entry at a time.
In case if I have 1000 records of same category where I need to update the tag as “application:ABC” I need to loop the query for 1000 times. My query here is, can we update all 1000 at a time in single mutation request.

In the above screenshot, we can see that I tried to update two taggingAddTagsToEntity requests in single mutation but it doesn’t work due to the error message.


Hi Nagendra,

As Phil confirmed, we cant pass the 2 Tags value in the API , so deifinitrly you need to update the same by running the program 2000 times.

Thats depend on the number of GUID’s you are updating .

Avneesh Jain

@nagendrakunduri are you still experiencing this issue?

Hello John,

Yes, I am able to use only once. In case of multiple executions, I had to let the script execute multiple times to meet the requirement.
It would be great if we can update multiple entries in a single mutation request as shown in the screenshot.