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My account was canceled, can it please be reactived


Hello, My account was canceled by mistake, Can you please reactivate my account. This is business critical.

I have a ticket it Request #321031 but it seems the agent does not understand the issue and is not being handled urgently.

in short, I have Magento Commerce Cloud, Pro version of AMP is included in the account. Another user performing an audit canceled the account by accident. We are unable to continue our audit, and all angels of support are a bit mixed since the license is part of our Magento commerce cloud fee, I look like a non- paing user. If there is anything anyone here can do to escalate this asap, it seems from the other post fairly easy to reactivate.


Hi @brandon12! I can see your ticket is being worked on right now—I have reached out to the people who can make this change affectively and speedily! Please hang tight and know that we are on it. :blush:


Thank you very much for this!!

Looking forward to s swift solution.